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Dynasties: Wattasids, Saadian, beginning of Alaouites

1465-1554 Wattasid Dynasty

The Wattasids provided nominal leadership for Morocco for a century. They were kin to the Marinides, and the Marinides recruited many Wattasids to act as regional rulers. The Wattasid's siezed power when the last remaining Marinede was murdered in Fes. During their reign Morocco lost all of their remaining territory in Spain.1 The Wattasids founded Chefchaouen and refounded Tetouan.2

1492- Jews Arrive in Morocco

As Jews were expelled from Spain, by Ferdinand and Isabella, they began arriving in Morocco.

1554-1669 Saadian Dynasty

The previous dynasties were all Berber led. In the 16th century, the idea sprang to life that the king of Morocco should be a descendant of Mohammed, and thus Arab. These type of descendents were known as "Saads." The capital of their Kingdom was Marrakech. Their most prominent leader was Ahmed Al Mansour, who lead "The Golden Age of Morocco"3 where Morocco was unified and flourishing. His successors were not able to maintain the gains that Mansour had achieved and the central government lost much power.

1669-Present Alaouite Dynasty

The Alaouite Dynasty was begun by Moulay Rashid. With the weakness of the Saadian dynasty at the time, many of the regions were controlled by local rulers. Moulay Rashid began by taking over various regions of Morocco the North, and when he took over Fes he was declared King. The capital was moved to Meknes.

1716- "White Gold"

Local pirates/slave traders declared war on Christendom and began to kindap thousands of Europeans to sell as 'white gold' at the slave markets in Algiers, Tunis and Sale.

1755- Tsunami in Morocco

An 8.7 earthquake occured in Portugal, that caused a tsunami in Morocco where 250,000 people were killed.

1786- Morocco Stops Attacking US ships

Morocco accepts $10,000 in return for ceasing to attack US ships.

1787- Morocco Acknowledges US

Morocco becomes first country to acknowledge the USA as a nation.

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